SFRI Biochemistry

BSA 3000

  • Multiple measuring methods : End point, Kinetic, Fixed-time and Absorbance analysis
  • Highly accurate and reliable results due to anti-vibration and anti-disturbance optical system
  • Measurement precision of 0.0001ABS
  • Wavelenths range 340 nm to 630 nm
  • Testing mode: flowcell
  • Bichromatic testing available
  • Calibration: linear and non-linear
  • Comprehensive quality control program
  • User-friendly interface
  • Reaction curves displayed
  • Open reagent system
BSA 3000


  • Up to 9 parameters
  • HSS technology for electrodes : long shelf life, rechargeable, easy access
  • All-in-one built-in dispsable specific reagents pack : slide an clip
  • Quality control program
  • Data storage up to 1000 samples
  • User-friendly operations :Large LCD Touch screen, integrated printer
  • 2 models equiped with TCo2 measurement
  • Optional auto-ampler and barcode reader

ESR 3000

  • Fast: reading time 30 min and 60 min equivalent to the 1 h and 2 h of the Westergren method
  • High quality vacuum glass tubes used for blood collection and running tests: ensure more precise sedimentation rate than plastic tubes
  • Cost of tests equals cost of tubes only!
  • No blood handling: conceived to simplify ESR analysis as much as possible, avoiding sample manipulation and removing the risk of operator infection
  • Positive detection: optional barcode reader for ESR tubes avoids identification errors
  • Traceability: built-in thermal printer with automatic print-out of sedimentation rate and kinetic curve of sedimentation
  • Simplicity: stand-alone instrument with mono-directional LIS interface
  • Throughput: 60 samples per hour
  • Maintenance free